A Wedding Poem


Our loved ones who’ve risen

and live now in the bless-ed skies of rose gold—

they beam down upon you two,

as we all who breathe are

smiling upon your grand



This day, you’ve both chosen to

tie your souls together before devoted eyes.

We are all bless-ed


to these oaths.

We are all bless-ed

to be in the presence of genuine love.



my sweetest girl,

I know you

as surely as I know the cadence of my heartbeat.

The first time I held you,

I knew

you were meant for me.


Now you’re meant for him, too.



young man of conviction,

I trust you

as surely as I trust the rhythm of my lungs.    ,

I know

your hands were meant for hers.


The journey has begun;


Go forth with Virtue of Truth in



and deed.

Honor one another with Respect;

for weaved within its fabric are the

sinews of great character.


The journey has begun;


Go forth with all of our love and blessings.



Nicole and Isaiah Rodriguez—25 August, 2018 


© Kindra M. Austin

Mr. and Mrs. Dishonest

“I have to hang up now. My husband is home.”

Her husband had not come home early. In fact, he didn’t even come home on time that night. While his wife spent her lonely hours wondering why she had lied to a man and cried for a man whom she’d never even touched, Mr. drank at the bar, and bought pretty little ladies named Amber and Tiffany pretty little drinks, yellow and pink.

When he finally did come home, Mrs. was so grateful for the interruption of her thoughts about Him, she took her husband to bed; but she was numb to his flesh, and once through, she was only left with a terrible ache in her heart and a dirty taste in her mouth.

“I love you,” said Mr.

“I don’t love you,” answered Mrs.

“Yes, you do.” And then he fell asleep.

Mrs. lay awake all night breathing in the acrid air around her, and wondering why men like Mr. never die in car accidents.



Going To Bed Angry

I questioned your morals, in so many words, even though I know the heart of you. But it’s because I know the heart of you that I questioned your morals. Okay, not questioned, but attacked. I attacked your integrity. So you went to bed without me. Now Melvin is hanging about, dancing around my feet, waiting for me to retire.

We never fight.

Is this a fight?

If it is, I’m sorry I’m not sorry.