Religion Does Not Equal Morality

Cover your eyes, and count to one hundred

against the old oak tree in your backyard

Do you know who you seek?

Your liberal grand-daughter, raised Roman-Catholic,

now engaged to a Muslim who works for a mulatto family

back in the city you’d left behind to save your


But you weren’t listening, or Father wasn’t teaching…

which is it?

Are you really a friend of Jesus?

Your grand-daughter argues that you do the devil’s bidding

because you spit on her Muslim fiance

and his bi-racial employers

You laugh because you’re cocky,

but you are old, knocking on Death’s door

So why fight a losing battle?

Each generation is moving further away from religion

Religion, in the traditional sense, has one foot in the grave

And religion, by and large, no longer dictates–

at least not here in the States

So stop pretending that gays are going to hell

Stop pretending that God is real

and that God gives humans morals

God does not equal morality

I know many Atheists who are far better human beings

than the most stringent followers of God and his son