Grope-Introducing Basilike Pappa

Basilike blowing into SD like a beautiful storm. ❤

A Global Divergent Literary Collective


Doubled over

curled up

drained down to my secret nerves

I grope for


Just need to close this window

the wind must never see me

cuddle dust bunnies

Under the bed

I’m an old diary

the wind must never read me

                                                            (even rats are ashamed to be in your woodshed)

Doubled over

curled up

melted down to asymmetries

I grope for


If I were a fairy

would anyone steal my wings

Hold me steady


commonsense me


                                                                        (what would the neighbors say)

The fortunate, the meek!

How fast they dream

If only they could tread – what’s the word

                                                                        (softly: like ghosts wearing slippers)

Softly is the word

No doors banging

no phones ringing

no laughter creeping in this cellar

where half a century is turning to sour grapes

(melancholy is a bad performance)

Kindly shut up

You know I love roses and wet…

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The June Bugs are smacking against the window screen, and Melvin doesn’t mind. Cats of a certain age aren’t bothered; Melvin just keeps on sleeping with his nose pressed against the screen, happy for the warm spring air. He’s an indoor kitty—because I love him too much. Growing up, we had cats that were allowed to go outdoors, and they never lived to reach senior status. Melvin is fifteen! Though he has experience as an outside cat, most of his life has been spent indoors where he is safe and worshipped. Even Jim loves my baby boy. Jim pets Melvin, and scratches his neck—gives him treats and plays with him. That’s a big deal because Jim is a dog guy. His black lab was hit by a car like, fifteen years ago, and still the pain is sharp. Jim often says he hopes he’s reunited with Oliver when he dies and goes to heaven. IF there is a heaven. Jim was raised Catholic, and is one of those unpracticing who believe just enough, just in case.


It’s all about fire insurance, as far as I’m concerned.


I go between believing and not. My whole life I’ve struggled; sometimes I catch myself praying at bedtime. To be real, I prefer science. I don’t like the idea of hellfire. Because I fear I’m going to Hell. Because there are so many unrealistic expectations of the human race. I’m not talking about the big shit, like, don’t kill people…I was going to add “Don’t rape,” but that’s not even a commandment. And apparently, we don’t give enough fucks about rape to make it a sin.


So now, I’m not believing.


I recently started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Holy shit. Yeah, as a side note, I suck because I didn’t read the book…


The truth is anyone, or any group can RAPE the word of “GOD” and use it to their advantage. Church groups can have camps that “Pray the Gay Away.” But where are the church groups that talk with kids who are legitimately mentally ill—being gay IS NOT a mental illness. For fuck’s sake!!


So now people reading this are going to be pissed off that I put God in quotations. As far as I’m concerned, “God” should be printed with quotations. GOD is not proven. Mental illness is proven!! Hatred is real. Irresponsibility is real. Parents aren’t paying proper attention to their kids. Parents aren’t held accountable for their kids’ actions—and they should be because they’re partly to blame for all this bloodshed! It can’t be all our governments fault. Because it ISN’T all our governments fault. YES, I believe our government fails our mentally ill. YES, I believe mental health care in America is a fucking joke. But when a kid goes nuts with guns his own father gave back to him after having been confiscated…WHAT THE FUCK?!

And now we have this kid who killed his classmates, the first one being a girl who rejected his love for her. Okay, so she embarrassed him, but does that mean she should have paid with her life? Does that mean other students should have died??? Duh, the obvious answer is no.

We need to be having other conversations besides “gun control.” Because the fucking idiots who equate “gun control” with gun eradication are running the joint.


It’s just another day in the life of trying to coexist with morons. Morons being the fucking morons who make up our government.

And my cat, he lives in bliss.


© Kindra M. Austin



Across the Street- Georgia Park

Georgia Park is a Wonder. ❤

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Is it my tendrils of smoke, the scent of my shampoo

or my dog’s panting that rises up to the third floor apartment

of the brick building across the street


where you poke your head out of that window

to ask me if id like something to eat,

something specific, always;

pizza, a meatball sub,

or something else entirely

as when you inquire if im dirty

and would like the bath with bubbles

you’re already drawing,

would my dog like to come with me?


and I know it’s not just me.

that alleyway’s past was marked

by heavy foot traffic

before your inquiries,

and it’s not just women;

a fact that comforts me.


You are well taken care of

attired in bright sweaters,

warm and clean.  And gracious

enough to always offer something

i catch you alone sometimes,

bent forward and whispering


It’s clear that you…

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You Remind Me


You are droplets of sunlight in the midst of a rainstorm,

reminding me

the Constant breathes for me

when I am drowning.


You are the Roar when my words won’t come—

speaking for me,

reminding me

I am never voiceless.


In this world disparaged by the Blight of divisiveness,

you are true Eden,

reverberating the vibrancy of the Righteous.

You remind me to love.


For you, I too, will be

Bender of Light,

Queen of this Jungle,

Garden of Peace.

I will remind you to love.


© Kindra M. Austin

(image: Richard Peters)

Involuntarily Annoyed

Ummm…fuck yes.


If you go through life thinking that you’re owed or entitled to anything, chances are you’re gonna have a meme-worthy hard time.

Rich people, most of them, are given their advantages. An accident of birth, born rich and sometimes famous.

Poor people, most of them, are given disadvantages.

Somehow, there are people on either side who join the other group.

The choices made in life will lead your feet down a road of colored bricks, and if you click your heels three times and say there’s no place like Beverly Hills, you could wake up rich, I suppose.

Involuntarily celibate is a misnomer, let’s have that straight from the start.

There are those who are involuntarily sexually active… They’re called rape victims, abuse victims, sex-trade slaves. People that have been forced to be fucked.

Celibacy is a choice.

It might not be a clear and prescient thought, I’m not gonna…

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I Had An Image-Lois Linkens

I love me some Lois! ❤

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

unnamed.jpgAnd then it was a misted eye, a thought.

A passing glimpse, a shadowed hall upon

A shadowed hill. I would my peace were brought

In Years, but I am just as restless further on.

I have purple skin for those Knocks that came

As birds do knock. Yellow beaks and plumage bright –

Woe betide my jealous heart, for shame!

I would to get away for just one night.

I look towards the Clouds and sink inside –

There is a firmer future at their feet

Than this curled life that joys to send me weak.

Where is this hallowed Hope of which they speak?

I would its lips would kiss me as its Bride –

Its hands would lift me to that image sweet.

[ Lois describes herself as a “confused english student,” though one quickly finds a polished, charming poet in her work. She has an elegant…

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