All the Beginnings of Everything – Kindra M. Austin

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tree-736881_640.jpgI want to be the light at the beginning,

when shadows steal away but still

remain in waiting.

I want to be the first fire;

first Ice-Age;

first flood;

I want to be the first taste of


I want to be Mother of the Lunar Eclipse,

of black holes and comets, and the

breath freed from your lips.

I want to be the dark at the beginning,

when lights fade away but still

remain in waiting;

I want to be all the beginnings of everything.  

Kindra M. Austin writes at poemsandparagraphs and you follow her wonderful work at Blank Paper PressOne for Sorrow and Indie Blu(e). Her next collection of poetry, Twelve, is out December 10th. 

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tumblr_n7uflxumP11qanheao1_1280I don’t know if there’s hope

When friend turns foe

I don’t know

Where in separation

Yoke and embryo

Glistening placenta gouache

The painter may

Render this potential life

Legacy of strife

In verdant whisker

I could have been born


Or not


Cellular change

Alchemists with tears as

Coat of arms

We consume tangerines

The smell of orange rind

And cloves

Seasonal with moth holes

Moses climbs from his wicker man

Escaping the fire

And disbelieved share

Their bronze debacle

Lend me the mahogany deep of your voice

Bringing me back

From kimono exile


I have no power

But the truth

Of nude vanquish

Attributed to

Low lamps, proffered incense

Summoning believers

In thin macintosh bones

We are rubric

To gardens

In the rain

Bird baths for those

Needful of absolution

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What Are Words 4 – Olde Punk

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Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

what is love 4

From Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, available on Amazon

Lidocaine and cold passion

Misshapen nights unfastened

A misprint in my falsehood

Driving derision in a thunderstorm

Stormborn, borne to the edge

I scorn the precepts that flood

The nights on television

With false precision, more indecision

The race is tightening, the racism frightening

When will we be of all one kind, one mind?

Whatever, nevermind to quote a sad sod

Another in passing is saying hello 2 heaven

The words live on and they say fight for

Your rights

I don’t know what right I have to say

But I tend to write these things anyway

Reproachful I pretend to be

But I so tire of the reprehensible dichotomies

We are not the lazy, stupid fools

You desire to see

I am out to sea with the Party

I wish there was another choice…

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The Air I Breathe


Tears go by as years expand from Heaven to horizon;

and I scale the mountain ranges risen in

consequence of your death.

Jesus, or some other guardian breathes for me

whilst my lungs delight in respite from high altitudes.




In this,

the winter of my youth,


settles deep into bone,

and I am reconciled.


As I prepare for sleep ‘neath a blanket of white,

you visit upon me memories,

and I am happy here

at the summit of my youth;

for I will awaken in the dawn of golden age.




Tears go by as years expand from Heaven to horizon;

and I’ve dominated mountain ranges

risen in the pit of me—

all of them consequences of your death.

It was you who lent me breath.


© Kindra M. Austin

Funeral Trumpets-Kindra Austin

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

With each jug of spirits
I ingest,
my organs’ mourning
does crescendo; and premature
funeral trumpets
bleat in stereo, stricken on the sidelines of
my mind.

Every time I get sober,
someone else
my hair.

From Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, available on Amazon

Kindra M. Austin is a very sweary indie author and editor from mid-Michigan (you can find her books here). She’s also the co-founder of Blank Paper Press, a founding member of Indie Blu(e) Publishing, founder of publishing imprint, One for Sorrow, and a writer/managing editor at Blood into Ink, and Whisper and the Roar. Austin cut her poetry teeth in April, 2016, and joined the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective in 2017. You can find more of her foul mouth at poems and paragraphs.

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Today on Blood into Ink ❤

Blood Into Ink


I was a colossus in the center of the room,

but when I saw you see me



your cavernous mouth,

I’d creep into the corner—

cry like Alice.

You’d always been deft at

making me


No more yesterdays.


at me,

breathing obscene ‘tween seething teeth.




beat drops dope ‘neath your feet,




Come at me




Taste my steel.

© Kindra M. Austin

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