Haven’s Fall: A Short Story

Check it out, ya’ll! A short story by Nicholas Gagnier ❤


Politics are a bleak affair.

God, I haven’t thought that way in years- at least, not since the town in which I’ve spent most of my adult life was terrorized by white nationalists.

It’s kind of hard to be an optimist when that same town gets taken over by an armed militia five years later.

I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t the cops come? Where was the National Guard? Why weren’t the feds sent in like they were five years ago when Viktor Quinn decimated this backwater shithole?

That’s part of the problem, though. Nobody wanted to live in Haven, Washington after that. The big companies that were still operating here pulled their franchises, and the small businesses were either hanging by a thread or already shuttered. The market price of my house sagged by a few fortunes, and my neighbours disappeared one by one.

Cynthia Harris next…

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