29 thoughts on “In the Black (spoken word)

  1. You breath life into word.
    But what’s the use?
    Your passion is felt
    By the pretentious muse
    Although..it’s in their nature.
    I’m a tenacious suprise… With just a slight taper
    Much like you…I put a emotion to word
    At first I’ll delete you…but then I disturb
    I can’t suffer the fool because he uses a muse
    How does he find the time??
    My head’s always working… my words are Sublime
    And one of these days I’ll let it all go let all of the words and Rhymes just flow.
    and all of these fools who employ the muse.
    will suffer my hand… as I leave fake clues

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          1. I started it yeah it is rather good. My go to is normally Rick and Morty or Black Mirror when I need whisky away but I remain partial to a Daquiri and watching masked midgets whack each other with chairs. Quality shit that!

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