Potato Salad and Pastrami


Saw your face today at the supermarket;

you watched me under the counter and

over the mustard

potato salad.

Oh! How far you’ve come;

I should say thanks for spitting down my throat.

Thanks for the lies, babe;

for nothing is truer than venom.

You never did have the intention of making me an

honest woman.

It’s been years, but still you burn me;

my reputation smolders,

and I see the smoke in their eyes.


I’ve been forgiven, but not forgotten.


I hate you,

but I’ll take a half pound of your pastrami.


© Kindra M. Austin

11 thoughts on “Potato Salad and Pastrami

  1. I seem to have lost you too much life and no time for love always going somewhere never a time for relief…kindra i know you were somewhere but where was that some place..i hope all is well..god gave you 2lips and a tongue you’ve got to learn how to user them….just a brains fart….
    you’ve gotta go with it

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    1. I’ve been struggling lately between my own issues and trying to wrangle family business. It never seems to end–the responsibility. I know I cannot control others, like my sister for example, but I always try to be the voice of reason. She needs reason so much! Life would easier if she wasn’t such a basket case. ❤ ❤ ❤ I catch your blogs when I can, and I always send you love. ❤


          1. Kindra I am actually going throught the same thing with my family….people always show their ass before they even speak…and what ever you do…always speak your mind….cuz I know from experience that it eats you up inside…….Big Cyber Hugs

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