For You, Rowena (an excerpt)



Sound and Color streamed through her earbuds. She lay down on the floor, and mused a moment at the smoke rings that rose from her lips and disappeared into the ceiling. The carpet had developed a robust bodily odor. She didn’t mind, and neither did her lover.

He stared at her with indifference, but his mouth said something else entirely; his mouth gaped open in endless surprise. For good or for ill, he’d never been a man who held back his emotions.

She’d been taken by surprise, too. The blood spray was much grander than anticipated; she’d managed to bury the blade deep inside the sweet spot of his neck without even aiming for it.

She turned her head and blew smoke at his perfect face, splashed with crimson death. Sound and Color faded out and into Glycerine.

“See?” she whispered, “I fucking told you so.”

© Kindra…

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