Review of For You, Rowena by Kindra M. Austin

Much love and thanks to Kristi for all of her encouragement and dedication. ❤

My Screaming Twenties

Austin made a gorgeous debut with Magpie in August so when asked to read and review For You, Rowena I was filled with excitement and trepidation. I imagine Austin is too, as her second novel releases, a dark departure from her first.

There is little I can say which won’t spoil the narrative of this 194-page thriller and that is what makes it such a glorious read. It is the kind of book I want to watch somebody else read. I want to watch another experience goosebumps like I did and fall down Austin’s rabbit hole of deadly love and lust.

Despite being her second novel, Austin continues to prove she is a master of her craft. She twists characters and narratives like locks of hair and runs them like ribbon through her hands; her writer’s hands which know exactly when to make you smile or when to drop your…

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  1. Oh Kindra l’ve have missed you so
    Those lips that forms the words with all I ‘s cross..its the dot undependable waissuessuse not history ability but the ability to stand a\mosngt all letters from W/0 sir we would the have wasteful days one smile she was theAvocado


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