if forever was a Tuesday

Olde Punk

RamJet Poetry


is there a reason to be here

is there a reason for the blood

when will reason become clear

’cause I’m drowning in the flood

it’s the lights and the thrum

the heave and the hum

rattle and drum

I keep on marchin’ to nowhere

feet shufflin’ to discord

playing anarchy in my head

heart pounds out the subs

I cannot hear it’s so loud

push pull kiss and shove

hold me, hug, kiss and love

the nothings that meant everything

and I don’t know how to fall any further


would you give your permission

for me to run into the sun,

yes you may

I continue to study the reasons

for the fault

I shoulda been trying to fill the cracks

doesn’t matter much why it happened

if you’re never coming back

I would

I wouldn’t

I could

I didn’t

now I study the reasons to remain


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