Turning pages that I can’t read

RamJet Poetry

Turning pages

turn the page on the sun

lost and I’m loaded

corals curl under my eyes

gettin’ high on dragon smoke

I dance with Ms. no one

she tells me I’m fine

but I know I’m gonna die

we’ll turn another page on the sun

sing about mercurial days

all the ways we wanna win

eat this porridge of sin

I just don’t know where to begin

I know to top it with some butter

you can’t just wipe it off your chin

that shit stains you forever

Ms. no body says I’m fine

But I know that’s her only line

’cause she’s all in my head

I kinda wish we were dead

turn the page on the moon

I find I’m kinda half alive

I musta done it wrong

that’s what the coward said

I go by Yoda’s words

Do or don’t, there’s no try motherfucker

or something like that

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