You Remind Me


You are droplets of sunlight in the midst of a rainstorm,

reminding me

the Constant breathes for me

when I am drowning.


You are the Roar when my words won’t come—

speaking for me,

reminding me

I am never voiceless.


In this world disparaged by the Blight of divisiveness,

you are true Eden,

reverberating the vibrancy of the Righteous.

You remind me to love.


For you, I too, will be

Bender of Light,

Queen of this Jungle,

Garden of Peace.

I will remind you to love.


© Kindra M. Austin

(image: Richard Peters)


  1. You have been my defender
    so many times that I have lost count
    And when I’m feeling at my lowest ebb’
    unloved and my sense of humour
    has disappeared…
    I know you’ll be there to
    make me feel the opposite.
    I can ALWAYS count on you to love me.

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          1. Coats are either too fancy or not fancy enough. I especially dislike coats with buttons and collars. I actually shuddered at the thought lol.

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