Suburb Blues

Aww, hell yes.

RamJet Poetry


idyllic cuneiform

insouciant formality

build a bear mansions

and hybrid machines

your Bernoulli principles

are only the beginning of flight

those feet are still on the ground

same as the rest

roll of the eye telling

not enough follows on Instagram

this picture is incongruent

it defines but has no depth

on my Iphone X

surplus of pride pleased

worth of paper and plastic

in hand

ruby rube and the offspring

ruse under the rude tones

of narcissistic affirmation

family affairs and

fecal matters

please drop the fucking pretense

you’re a talking monkey

just like the rest of us

so fuck off

with the holier than thou

highbrow hierarchy

learn to appreciate

people for who they are

Not What They Have.

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