At the Dairy Case


Fuck grocery store etiquette.

Tears for Fears tells me to shout, so I let it all out

in front of the dairy case while inspecting my perfection—

mourning after reflection—in the fingerprinted glass.

My cheeks are hollow

but my gut is bloated

from too much diet soda (I’m watching my figure) and vodka.


In front of the dairy case, blocking access to the skim milk,

I let it all out,

and I like the way

my pretty mouth contorts

into a beastly maw

when I cry.


© Kindra M. Austin



  1. Your tags … Milk, Mother … is this about seperation, from yourself? Or consider, fully, what it is you are looking at, inside the milk case. Just a thought … Food for thought; but whose food? Anyway, write on!

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  2. Whoa!!! This kicked my soul alive! The way your words gush from the screen and wash over all of me is fucking not only incredibly satisfying but also inspiring beyond. It also makes me want to have a shot or two of vodka…

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  3. I’m really not quite sure what to make of that have you turned into the lady in the corner shop that I tell the children to stay away from?


    See how I added a winky face they’re just to Hedge my bets One Way or Another

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      1. I don’t think my kids would have any problem with that despite my best efforts they both seem to be pretty well versed in all of the good swear words at least.

        Actually when I say best efforts I mean mediocre efforts at best. Or is it my best mediocre effort.

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        1. I wasn’t real uppity about censoring people when Nicole was a child. Well, at least not when the left the f word fly. Of course I kept her away from “adult” conversations. Nicole swears nearly as much as I do, which is okay because she’s nearly 21.

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