Do Soulmates Even Exist?


When will I find the one?

That’s what people wandering wonder;

they worry over love, and finding their soulmate,

never considering that

we are capable of loving many

over a lifetime, and


all at once.


My heart is full to swelling,

and I wish it wasn’t

because it makes it

harder to be true to the one that

I want to be the one


The one

I see myself bound to for eternity.


© Kindra M. Austin


(image: Pinterest)

38 thoughts on “Do Soulmates Even Exist?

  1. If this is not a significant and enduring topic, what is?! Thank you for penning this.

    Significant, enduring; ideal words, on which to ponder more. My poems ‘ All the days of my life ‘ relates.

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          1. S.D. are looking at it ‘ Trinity ‘ just now. I have another planned – and enough material for a third!
            Really, often I think I am getting too old for these ‘ flights ‘, at 54, but then . . .

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  2. I thought I believed a soulmate was the person that you’d be with forever. Then I heard someone say they’re just people who enter your life to help you find your way. Not sure if I believe either, but I like the question.


  3. I have felt for a long time, that soulmates are the people who are the positive and enduring forces in your life. It’s possible (and I know this for sure) that they are not always just the ‘love of your life’. And they can be any gender. I’ve never liked the soulmate tag and I’m not sure why…but I think it’s because I believe in endurance over fleeting connections that end for a reason. I have a few mates of the soul. You’re one of them, and I know you know that. I will always be in your corner. I will always love you. I will always be there… (though not in the biblical sense 😊) and I wonder if others make the mistake of thinking soulmates are only those that you can have a sexual relationship with? I have experienced those (believe it or not haha), more than once, but I don’t dwell on the demise of those, because there’s a reason they ended. Even soulmates can cause pain – and so, for that reason alone, I treasure the people that have remained constant in my life and don’t think of those who have not.

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  4. We love the idea of a soulmate; the idea that one person can fill all our emotional, physical, spiritual and comfort needs. That we will see each other and all our raw edges will line up like puzzle pieces. But the older we get, the more of those edges we have and the more people we need to fill them.

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