Bucking the Trend(ing)

I love my BFF ❤


I should write about women, what with this being the International Day for Women, but apart from naming a few significant women in my life – some of whom will not see this unless I decide they can – I’m not sure I have anything pertinent to say. I could wax lyrical about the women I love, or strangers that I admire or whatever… but I’m not in the mood to write about that. Maybe that makes me sound like a twat!

Here’s the thing. I can call myself a twat if I fucking want, because I’m a woman, hear me roar. I can roar or whisper or scream or just speak normally or in a monotone voice that puts people to sleep.

But…all that aside…


I want to tell you a really shit story.

Yesterday at work, an elderly man customer that I’ve known for a reasonably long…

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