You Cannot Have Me As You Like (revamp)


I know,

I know,

I’m such a drag—

sucks you

cannot have me as you like.


Menthol ciggie makes my mouth pertty

dirty, but the

whiskey makes my tongue taste like

Sunday morning


Are you really so disgusted, or just

pissed I make you



So I’m not Lady-like.

I’m Woman-like. And

you’re a fucking drag,



Such a fucking drag—

sucks you

cannot have me.


© Kindra M. Austin

(image: Pinterest)


  1. Space is limited
    Especially when it comes
    To purging and binging
    No one has time for you
    And you have no time for
    Anyone,space is in limited
    Supply we’re down to the
    Dozen and this is why
    Big eye beans from
    Oh my oh my
    Emotions are plentiful
    Down aisle 9,if you wait
    Till Friday there will be
    A sale,loading up the cart
    You don’t want to carry
    Anything heavy because 10lbs.
    Will throw out your arm,Thursday
    Comes before Friday if anyone
    Is Pointing their finger,just re-
    member there still 3
    pointing back at you
    As usual sheldon

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