I Don’t Want To Be a Wallflower


Do you like me? Standing opaque, and out of the way—

taking up space unseen


the wall?

Close in on me, close enough to

smell my perfume, please.

Then you’ll see

I’m a rose garden—

pick me.

Let my sweetness pool at your feet.

Close in on me, close enough to

make me visible.


(photograph by Edward Steichen, 1930)


          1. Same here! I like being the one who brings meaning into my own life.
            The funny thing is, I like flowery dresses and for years I’ve had long wavy romantic hair. You can imagine what a surprise it was for some men when words like fuck and bollocks etc would come out of my pink-lipsticked mouth. Ha ha!

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          2. Yes, it was! And a good way to test men. See what they really expected of me.

            Once me and one of my girl friend had a party together. We had decorated the place with pictures of naked male models – handsome, muscular, perfect. Across the pictures we had written ‘Use me’, ‘Own me’, ‘Kiss me’ etc. It was fun to see how uncomfortable some of the guys were around them.

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