Introducing Eric Syrdal: Ariadne…

Sir Eric on Whisper and the Roar<3

Whisper and the Roar

waterhouse_ariadneI have seen her

The Aegean sea
in her hair

Her warm skin
in the Mediterranean sun

Her supple hands
that spun the crimson thread
that bore a hero through
to kill the beast of the labyrinth

but what hero is this?
that leaves
such a vessel of
valor and courage
wrapped in womanly flesh?

as she slumbers in peace
doth the rogue
take flight to the waves
and away with her heart
steal the morning light
from her eyes

were I born
of likeness to brave Dionysus
and to seek the favor
of Olympus

Receive the blessing
to woo, her

Then should She
not shed tears
to find her heart stolen away
while in the world of dreams

say not
what they would have us believe

Athena did not
in her manner of reason
lead Theseus away

he left her
thankless knave!

and though

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