A Sudden Brightness

I’m a huge fan of Nicholas. ❤


All this time, I’ve lived like a shadow.

Envy of the gallows,
while all the while, I envied
shallow things.

All this time, I was callow,
howling at my dancing inspirations,
unaware my feet were moving
alongside theirs.

All this time, I was scared, not even
sure of what, but ran the gamut of bumps in the
night anyway.

What price would you have paid, I’d wonder;
to rectify schisms with their wholes, a thousand
variables seeing their knowns
across crowded rooms; dead seas with complacent

What would you have chosen, darling?
Rabbit holes to Wonderland or poems that span the miles through
every lie you tell yourself to
fall asleep at night?

The paint is dry,
but there’s a sudden brightness in shadows
that transcended writing on
the walls,

words we can’t redact but gave us
enough strength to
stall for time.


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