My Formal Resignation


I attended a funeral today for Mrs. K, a woman I’ve known and adored for twenty six years. I last saw her in November at the local grocery store, shortly after my mother had passed. Listening to Mrs. K’s eldest son eulogize her was fucking tough. Almost too much to bear. Nicole was sitting beside me though, and I managed to calm down—my girl has a soothing presence. We cried together at the end of a cushioned pew, and I silently scolded myself for forgetting to bring a box of tissues.

After the service, we had lunch. There were smiles and laughs, and I was determined to enjoy the rest of my day.

Then the goddamned cat happened.

A black, grey, and white fluffy tabby approached me, and Nicole as she was getting into her car to return to work. This poor baby had straw tangled in its fur; mucus coating its whiskers…like burnt yellow candle wax; mucus gluing its right eye closed; blood and mucus so thickly crusted on its nose that breathing was heavily labored; and the odor of rot emanated from its cold body. This cat was half fucking dead, I swear. And it approached us with such purpose—I know this little darling was asking for help.

Nicole phoned a nearby animal shelter, but they were already overcapacity. So, I put the cat in my car, and drove 35 miles to a larger shelter. The women who greeted me at the shelter were kind, and they spoke so sweetly to the tabby. And they walked away with the bundle. To the “euth” room.

Consider this my formal resignation.

I quit today.

I fucking quit.



  1. After reading the ending, I was ready to fucking quit too. But then I remembered how much we love animals, how many dogs we have adopted from shelters, how many neglected horses we have taken in and brought back to good health and found caring homes for them. I remembered that we have 9 dogs now, all rescues, all living the good life with us. I remembered that just last week, we took in a miniature horse that his owner no longer could take care of. Our horse Teaka now has a companion and both will live out their days with us, well fed, well taken care of and well loved. Quit? No. I can’t. It’s what we do. We are rescuers. Thank you Kindra and God bless you for giving love to that poor kitten. ❤

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      1. Community service. For a year I worked one day a week at a local no kill animal shelter cleaning the kennels for all the large dogs they had. I learned quickly the love these animals have for those who help them.

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      1. You’re welcome. I can only imagine how heartbreaking that day was. Not only a funeral, after losing your mom, but the suffering of that poor kitty… animals hurting/suffering really gets to me too. I think that’s why I keep rescuing the dogs that are in the worst shape. I hope you get some well deserved rest and peace my friend ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for saying that!!! I love cats–animals–and you know that about me. I’m just happy I was the one this kitty came to. Who knows how many others ignored the poor baby. How can anyone be okay with seeing such suffering???


          1. When I lived at home I had a cat that was half Siamese. I got her for my 5th birthday. She died when she was 18 and I’d left home by then. At the end she was unable to wash herself so mum would bathe her. She was like a proud little lady. To start with she would fight mum, but eventually she’d let her without a fuss.

            Don’t understand cruelty or neglect to any living thing. People can be bumholes!!

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  2. I’m so sorry about all of this. I can’t tell you how much. I have a dog and the idea of an animal suffering or put to sleep is too much. More so after what you’ve been through with the funeral of someone you loved. What can I say? Again, I’m so sorry. You have my love.

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    1. Thank you. The cat definitely did it for me today. I jumped off the edge willingly. I LOVE animals.

      And I loved Mrs. K…

      The church was packed. Testament to her beautiful spirit. She was so well-loved by our community and friends, and her family.

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