1. … continuing on, the mama complex. I know exactly what you mean. Where are you at with it now? Truth, in solidarity we lighten our loads. It is intense. Perhaps you don’t know if you’ll ever make it through this dark night and outbid the cage. F@&k, trust me you are going to make it. I know it f&@;4king sucks. I know it does. Firsthand. 2 decades worth of it. If they would only leave us alone! Yet also, we must too grow up. I can tell you everything I know if you want. Knowledge is power. Action is the true salvation.


    1. If you read more than just that one poem of mine, you’d know I don’t hold anything back. You’d know I’ve studied psychology. You’d know I’ve been writing for nearly twenty years. You’d know a bit about the life I’ve lived and things I’ve survived. You’d know that my mother is dead, and that is where I am with that. You’d also know you don’t have to censor yourself when commenting on my posts. I swear like a sailor.

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