1. Not a fan of sugar/sweets unless it comes in the form of my liquid demon. I can’t think of anything else the pink cloud could be except Taramasalata 🙄😂
            I hope you are taking care of yourself and self caring x


          2. I don’t like too many sweets, myself. When I was kid, I would ask for cotton candy at fairs and whatnot just so I could carry pretty cloud on a stick. LOL And I hate fish unless it’s battered and deep fried, and even then…gross, because I avoid fried foods.
            I am being kind to myself, I promise. ❤


          3. Cute. I can picture you carrying around a melting cotton cloud. I was the type of kid to knock your pink cloud out of your hand as my little ego walked past.
            Fish is so yesterday.
            I’m glad to hear you’re taking it easy.

            Liked by 1 person

          4. 😲🙃 then I’d run up to you and either jab you in the face, humiliate you with jokes by pulling your pants down or lift up your skirt and then sprint as fast as I could away. Hmm I just had a thought that not much has changed at this point. Oops. Hahaha. Hurry hurry the gifts and joys of recovery!

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