Voices of Survival

I am fortunate to have discovered my tribe. Blood Into Ink is a safe, loving space where truth is a battle cry, and lullaby. ❤

Brave & Reckless

When I started Brave and Reckless in October of 2016, one of my first decisions was to write bravely and recklessly about my history of trauma, my ongoing struggles with PTSD and depression, and my journey to a stronger, more integrated self.  In essence, to value my truths over other people’s comfort, which I spent far too long doing earlier in my life.

Over the months I hosted and reblogged many inspiring and powerful pieces from other “voices of survival” as I have come to think of them and have done my best to promote those voices when I find them.  As time went by, and Brave and Reckless grews, I started wondering if was time to create space on WordPress to house and put a spotlight on some of the amazing voices I have encountered here, the voices of women and men who are survivors of sexual abuse, physical…

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  1. I know for me I only began to heal when I stop worry about other people
    And its twice as hard when forget about others and you only take care of yourself,the journey is never. But if your intentions are of highest
    You will being to see light

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