An Ember of Her Beauty…

Eric makes me feel all dreamy and stuff. ❤

My Sword and Shield....

How long since
I lost the War Queen’s favor?

Since I have painted my eyes
with the black of The Morrigan?

Sung the keening notes of
my WarSong
to the stars?

I danced amid the shadows
of the great host of her army

Around the roaring flames
The Oathfire

Slickened my knees
in the raw earth
as I drank from her
Chalice of Fealty

and from whence will my deliverance come?

Ere I suffered her judgment,
did I not romance her warrior spirit
within the very shadow of her own fortress?

Then she placed her hand o’er my heart
and left her sigil emblazoned within
the sepulcher of my chest

That I might carry her standard into
the maelstrom of battle

Yet my strong arms be not hampered
by a guidon

When my blade bit my foe’s neck
cracked o’er my battle-cry
splinter-sharded and sundered
leaving not his flesh…

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