Pobre Diabla-david rosado

David Rosado on Whisper and the Roar.

Whisper and the Roar

Pobre Diabla 3

Miss hidden agenda
Compulsive selfishness
The way you fake the talk
Fell for the illusion of love again
The shades of blue I’ve never seen
Won’t step where the grass is green
Intoxicated talk
Can’t figure out what’s real or not

Miss denying addiction
Spending too much time
On what’s already said and done
I can’t bring you back
But there could be a coping way
Oblivious in this dangerous world
These people deceit you
With their some kind of ways

Miss homesick
Please let go of the past
It’s your trauma harness
We’ve all been through some shit
But every once in a while
You should put yourself in other shoes
And be humble
Or you’ll always be oblivious

Miss self-destruction
I won’t ask if you won’t tell
Maybe it doesn’t matter
But your selfish ways
Left me to dry
While you aimlessly walk
Take any opportunity given

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