Dear John

This is the greatest Dear John Letter I’ve ever read. ❤



Blinking in the bright sunshine, we stepped out of the Terminal building and, as instructed by the bird-with-the-clipboard, headed for the line of buses. We had only just discovered that we’d been double booked and that we were actually going to another resort, the main touristy one on the coast. Overwhelmed by the cock-up and too inexperienced to complain, we scanned each bus windscreen, looking for the one that would take us to our destination.

Our resort was the last one on the long journey. Each time we reached another, we sank lower and lower into our seats as the graffiti lined concrete walls and dusty gardens surrounded by tired and shabby hotels and apartment blocks passed us by. What the hell had we come to?

Finally, the bus pulled up outside a brand new apartment complex. It was not what we’d expected, having seen all the other dross on…

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