No More Tears

❤ ❤ ❤



I use old train tickets as book marks and in my purse there are some vouchers for pizza that ran out in 2012. In a section where I never look I’ve kept some letters from the kids. They’re all dogeared and virtually illegible but I remember what they wrote, so that doesn’t matter. Sometimes I keep things and sometimes I don’t. There’s no logic to the things I do…or don’t do.

I’m old, but not yet elderly. I don’t wear support stockings or have a blue rinse through my hair. I don’t play indoor bowls or bingo in church halls or community centres in the afternoons. I make home-made food and always add chilli pepper…because I can.

Often, when the weather’s cold, the arthritis in my right hip flares up. Sometimes I take a warm bath, a couple of painkillers and rest, but other times I walk along long beaches…

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