An Emotionless Affair

My latest on Blood into Ink.

Blood Into Ink


What you think you know of me, you’ve gleaned from pages of a yellow legal pad stained with sterile ink leaked from your doctor’s pen; it’s an emotionless affair, the goings-on between patient (me) and psychiatrist. I’m a mistress in hysterics seeking validation from just another goddamned man. If this were the nineteenth century, you’d have long sent me to an asylum, and had my womb mutilated by staff surgeons.

When I speak, you scribble, and I imagine you’re only illustrating me naked, sprawled upon the divan, jaundice skinned and lined with blue. Make me a whole person, you write (mocking me) inside a comic book word bubble inserted above my head. But I continue talking about how I feel since learning my mother had woken up dead, and the gut-fucking grief inside of me, because I do want to be a whole person.

It’s an emotionless affair…

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  1. Hi Kindra. I’ve been a regular follower of your features on various literary collective. I am in awe of the way you write. You’re a constant source of inspiration and you never fail to impress. Big fan! It had me jumping with joy to see you like one of my poems today so I thought of dropping in and greeting you. Much love 💕

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    1. Hi Varnika! Thank you for reaching out to me. I have seen you around lots of places, and I admire your writing. To be honest, I thought I was already following you. I am going to remedy that straight away! I’m so happy you love Blood into Ink. Thank you for spreading the word about what we do here. Much love to you, too ❤


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