The Alchemist

Be brave and reckless with Christine. ❤

Brave & Reckless

my past is a dark

ominous cave

that i mine

full of barbed wire

broken glass

rusty metal and

unexploded landmines

i tiptoe carefully


in tattered rags

through this



my pain

my rage

becomes the scorching fire

i use to transmute

these dangerous objects

into gem-shaped words

that bury deep into your


black diamonds

and rubies

with edges sharp enough

to draw blood

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          1. look i read your poem, it’s not a trick question, like i just want to know, why would you write that poem?, why do you think your past is so dark? you look nice? you’re using words like barbed wire, rusted metal, broken glass, and then you’re talking about the dangerous objects you’re using to draw blood, like, why would you draw blood? it’s the same question mapped out differently, but just, why would you write that? why is that something you write? it’s epic gothic depth but like, what’s up with wanting a dangerous object to draw blood?


          2. This poem is not my work, but that fact is irrelevant. This piece is obviously beyond your depth, if I have to explain that the theme is about suffering and surviving trauma. “Why do you think your past is so dark?” Who are you to pose this question? If your own past is so untainted by the darkness of abuse, illness, loss, etc., hot-damn! Good for you. I’m happy your life thus far has been filled with fucking candy, and unicorns, and motherfucking Mickey Mouse. “You look nice?” Thank you. I AM nice. Until people like you come along and antagonize me. If I, or any other writer uses words that leave a bad taste in your mouth, don’t fucking read them. Stick to coloring books and crayons.

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          3. i’m being flirty, i went to the psych ward 25 times, and the psych doctor overdosed me just three months ago, and like i hate life, that’s why i like to flirt, it cheers me up, not sure what else to do with wordpress, but chat with hot chicks like you


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