Edge of Mercy: a collaboration with 1Wise-Woman

tumblr stars

Cleanse me in stardust,

And I might apprehend love,


For I’ve been shipwrecked,


Marooned inside of mine



Love screams behind

Clenched teeth

Just out of reach

Swallowed by time

Solitary supernova





Claustrophobic frenzied

Heart rattles my ribcage—

A prisoner imprisoned by

Distortions of love lost to

A realm intangible

Cerebral cruelty



Calamitous heartbreak

Emaciated emotion

A last plea

Romancing the edge of mercy

Waves wash over me


Gracious galaxy

Essential escape



Deserted, I lay in the sand and

Look up to the heavens

See the bright, desolate beauty—

Silver blue dots printed upon the black

My jailer knows no more bounds than my sorrow



Saline azure sky

Corona Borealis and

Moons melancholy malice

Torments this love torn tabernacle

On the precipice of redemption

Before night is done

Echo gods call with

Shooting star shattering shackles



Selene, Titan deity—

Mother Moon, usher of diamond dust

I am cleansed



Love, a winged steed

Lighting the way

I am freed



image: Tumblr


Thank you, 1Wise-Woman, for writing with me.

I’m so honored to know you, and to call you a

Warrior Sister of mine.

You truly touch my heart.


          1. This morning, Melvin somehow sneaked out of the house while Jim and I were saying goodbye to each other before Jim went off to work. I know the door was opened slightly–but shit! Jim had JUST petted Melvin goodbye in the living room….after I closed the door, Jim was kicking it. I opened the door, and he was holding Melvin. “Is this Melvin???” Jim asked. “YES!!!” Like, what the hell, Melvin? Oi! My baby boy…why does he do this kind of crap? He’s an indoor kitty! Of course I can’t stay mad at him. He’s so darling!!

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Hahaha yes, why, o, why????
            They are cute and freaking hilarious. And I love that post Christine had on FB about cats, something like, “the reason cats are pissy is because they are God’s ultimate killing machine, but they only weigh 8 pounds, and we keep picking them up and kissing them!” Haha I died!

            Liked by 1 person

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