When silence becomes seduction

Oh, my word. Everyone, say YAASSS! to Yassy. ❤


In the stillness of waiting
I build my temple of words
In the sacred confines
Where blood flows in blodroots halo
Spirit's strength serves survival.

When silence becomes seduction
I bring forth from the safety of my bosom
Truth's tender fidelity
Disciplining delirium in my mind
As nib sculpts silhouettes
Of holographic dna
Carving words out of misery
Igniting auras of fantasy
Almost supernatural
In the spaces of time..infinitisimal
A promise of charismatic magnetism
Like jasmine scent on my breath

In my hourglass of volatile sensiblities
My heartbeat waits for salvation..

The cosmos does not answer...

Inspired by the movie Bladerunner 2049

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