Piss and Vinegar (collaboration with Braeden Michaels)


Before you

castrate me

Let me sew up

your cesspool

I’d rather hear

nails on a

chalkboard than

your satanic moans


see me, I’m a seamstress—

needle and thread

put away those bitch teeth

aching in your head


Before you

piss in my cornflakes

Let me shatter

and shred your

fake Barbie doll world

that lives in

my iconic kingdom


‘neath plastic skin

vinegar rivers—

acetic acid,



Before you

scream in my

volcanic ears

Let me watch

you cry as the

reality sinks deep

knowing no one

gives a shit

about your existence


I refuse to placate—

I’m the real deal

this is all your fault

to hell with how you feel

non-italics: Braeden 


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