Life Is Hard

One day I’m going to travel to the land of Clever and fall down at Ward’s feet. Because he fucking kills me. ❤

Ward Clever

Completely Useless For Lesbian ChicksAs the great Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde said to your mother one Spanish evening in 1974: “Life Is Hard. Sounds like a classic Clever post.” And then he farted. because he was so into marmalade on toast for breakfast that he broke fast, bread and wind all before 8am in the morning! As opposed to 8am in the evening, which is on the complete opposite side of the world, time-ically speaking. And so was Oscar Wilde, who was on a tramp steamer to Perth, Australia because he heard about some guy who was 6’4″ and full of muscles (obviously this was before Australia betrayed its long time ally The United States of America by going metric) and he wanted to put his Tasmania in the guy’s Aussie, that little devil.

Speaking of snack cakes, Wilde was known for his epigrams, which were his huge ingestations of large and vast…

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