An Education- Christine Ray

Bad ass truth, and real relevance from Christine. I love this piece HARD! Please visit Whisper and the Roar and read other works by stellar writers.

Whisper and the Roar

We came of age

in miniskirts

lace gloves

ruffled anklets

beneath our high heels

desperately wanting to be Susan

before reading Rich, Friedan, Lorde

Dirty Dancing

taught us about illegal abortion

and declared that no one gets to put Baby in the corner

Politically awakened

we marched

arm in arm





braless in our

Take Back the Night tee shirts

labrys necklaces

triple pierced ears

kissing our girlfriends

boldly on the mouth in public

convinced that we were changing

the world for those

coming up behind us

Life after college

awakened us

one by one

forced us to crawl out

of our bubble wrapped ivory towers

blinking back the glare

of recognition

that power suits

and brief cases

MD or PhD after our names

did not inoculate us

Monsters we feared in the night

were evenly matched

by the casually accepted misogyny

we encountered on city streets

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  1. Whoa. So much of shattering truth in this one. We once were the force to change the world… nowadays we are the force that disables change. We say it’s because real life has no room for revolutions. I say we let fear conquer our reason… Yet, there are a few who grabbed real life by the horns and continued to fight for better everything.

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