Fuck Lifetime Movies

Damn Girl, you’re bananas, and brilliant, and I ❤ u.

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

You know the ones. They all star this legless bald chick with an IQ of 70 and anorexia whose stepdad beats her but she ends up going to Harvard and winning Miss USA and running a marathon and then goes on to inspire other bald legless anorexics to achieve their dreams.

Does the Lifetime movie channel play in other countries besides America? Cause it’s so fucking “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” American I could puke…and then make a hot chocolate and grab a box of kleenex and cry, “She’s. So-ooo. Ah…ma..ma..zing!” and then watch it again. Damn you, Lifetime movies!

I swear to God, this is the reason why we are all so crazy: the expectations. They are terrible. TERRIBLE!

This is coming from someone who is practically a walking talking lifetime movie.

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20 thoughts on “Fuck Lifetime Movies

      1. Insomnia ggrrrr!! Hate it!! Had it during college when assignments had to be done. Btec Applied science in Medicine I and 2. Over 3 years. Passed with merit overall and insomnia.

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          1. Yes, though chemistry and balancing equations I sucked at though proud to master physics good teacher and Dad kinda gave me a head start. Which gave me bit of an edge.

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