The Murder Of A Blog Post

“Not-Give-A-Fucky.” Bahahahaha!

Ward Clever

I have such a great time when I drive. Like today, for example: I drove somewhere. It was a great day to drive, a day with streets and gas in the tank, both metaphorically and literally. You can run out of gas metaphorically and still go, as evidenced by this post, and indeed, this blog. So let that be a lesson to you, if you’re in Saturday school, which you might be if you were bad in class, or if you’re an adult who’s trying to score with people more on your mentality level.

That reminds me: I drove somewhere. It was the library. You know how when you want to read someone new, but you don’t know who, and you ask people for recommendations just so you know who definitely not to read because everyone you know is an idiot? If not, that’s okay. It’s not necessary to understand…

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