When Stories Attack

Ward Clever is delicious bananas.

Ward Clever

He stared at her across a room. It wasn’t crowded, because he had broken into her house. She eventually noticed him, but she wasn’t worried. She had seen him many times in her dreams, and so he was literally the man of her dreams. Not figuratively, though, because that’s usually someone you want to imagine yourself with, and she hadn’t really imagined herself being with him, though now she would always think about this moment, with him sitting there, patiently for someone having just broken into someone’s house, and waited for her to get finished thinking whatever it was she was thinking and say something to him in a new paragraph.

“Who are you, and where’s my umbrella?”
“I’m Akai. I eat sausages. I don’t have an umbrella. What’s your name?”
He looked as though he wanted to say something else, and she looked as though she had wanted him…

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