Scream Your Name


Long legged shadows like great black spiders

reach across the ocean and travel inland,

trampling city streets, squashing cars and smashing buildings

as fast as my brain can imagine them

back to life.

I wave my arms, and scream your name,

knowing you will follow every damned time. And I lead you

back to where you came from

over and over again.

Are you my pet?

Or am I yours?








          1. I know you are aren’t like that Kindra (I think anyway). My brain is pretty scrambled at the moment, spending whole days looking at Japanese erotica mustn’t be too good for the critical faculties, though hopefully I haven’t lost my eye, not just yet anyway.

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          1. I ate a giant turkey leg all by myself! A weird lady stood super close to me, and said, “How’s the turkey leg? I’ve never had one.” I told her it was delicious, and that I highly recommended it. Still, she stood right close to me. I almost asked her if she wanted a bite.

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