fosail / fossil

Karen Bain kills it! I love your style, Karen!

Karen Bain - Writer

sit with me inside the night,

i am holding the blue black

of loss. its river of tar & fossil flows

through me. flooding all senses. submerging

my footsteps i walk through myself.

darkening isolation’s hollow

tree. the wolf call

despair, minds wilderness entangled forest.

I miss who i used to be. sifting

through the ashes

i will remember, if i find substance

in the ground, buried deep as fossil fuel. i seek

connection, an end to suffering.

i am looking for my way out,

through the pin prick light ahead

of stars already dead. I reach outwith.

let them live within me. i long to find

the measure of my release

merging into the night forever. one

with the stillness of the

blood moon. darkness reflecting cold steel,

on the river that all roots lead or bend to twist to.

our journey home.

©Copyright Karen Bain 2017.All Rights Reserved.

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