1. Haha! I just love all the reasons to cook. Cooking is my favorite thing, second to writing. And I’m fucking awesome in the kitchen. Toot-toot! That was my horn. I don’t like the bar anymore. Because of my pain. I’m too worried about being bumped into. And my anxiety has worsened over the years. I can’t tolerate crowds. I’m still fun, though. I swear!

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          2. I KNOW you’re still fun! I don’t mind crowds as long as I can still get away from them when I want to.

            I used to cook all the time, and bake too. I made monkey bread from scratch once last year. I need to do that again. I’ve made kluskies, and baked cakes and chicken roulade… mmmm… BRB gotta get a snack.

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          3. Portmanteau is a word made by blending the sounds of two other words and their meanings. Ex: ‘brunch’, from breakfast and lunch. Portmanteaux is just the plural.

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          4. Right. Tired of fighting and arguing. I used to battle people on the internet, but got sick of that. I’ll keep my energy for supporting people on the internet, lol. And yes, it feels good to be a net gainer of energy every so often.

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          5. There are lots of occasions when I want to rip a random a new asshole. I’m argumentative by nature, because I feel strongly in my beliefs, and I believe I’m on the right side of things. But I realized that arguing was depleting my positive energy–I have my Zen daughter to thank for that. I still defend what I believe in, I still speak up for the little guy, but now I take more time in devising my argument. And that makes all the difference. Agree or disagree, I can make my point without my integrity taking a hit.


          6. I eventually realized that never in the history of the internet has anyone said “I thought this way, but thanks to your flawless logic and airtight argument, I’m changing my mind immediately”. That’s for issues. If someone’s attacking someone, I’ve been known to step in. But mostly, internet equals arena. Fighting is expected, but winning isn’t.
            There’s usually someone who fights the battle anyway.

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          7. I am a vocal bitch. I will always put in my piece, whether it is welcomed or not. Because the internet is public. I guess I fit into the person who fights the battle. I say that because I’m an argumentative person if I trust that I am right. Often times, I believe I am right.


          8. I was like that, but it took away too much time and energy for me. Like I said, I’ll defend someone who gets blindsided. If someone goes to a page just to argue, they’re on their own, lol.
            Also, when im on the opposite side of something from someone I care about, that’s especially shhhh time for me. Unless its about me specifically.

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  1. I feel the passage of time flowing quite fast here, but the way it’s worded makes it unnoticeable unless we focus on the words. Much like real life passes us but unless we focus. Thank you for sharing.

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