The Murder of October


I look for rain when the leaves begin to turn

Lady-in-waiting of a place called


County Tyne and Wear

Buried in my cemetery

Autumn showers relax the earth

Release the bones of sacred love


I kill, and kill again

‘Neath the falling sky

I kill you with affection in my heart

again, and again




  1. Maybe whoever you’re killing with affection knows 🙂
    but they are just enjoying the affectionate murder.
    Good way to die really. Better than being eaten by a shark.

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          1. I’m sorry. Relationships are like people in that way, when they end. Exactly like people. A part of us dies, and all we have are memories. No matter how bad the relationship was overall, there are always some good parts.

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          2. I feel the same. A tingling sensation all over that I believe is visceral happiness radiating from my medulla. My face hurts from smiling, in the most beautiful way. 🙂 I’m proud and happy to be your friend, for as long as you want me. ❤

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