(Highly Confident) Guys and the Women Who Mystify Their Minds

I’m so in love with this post by Ward Clever.

Ward Clever

Pleasing a woman and making her happy is so easy. Extremely easy. It’s the easiest fucking thing you will ever do. All you have to do is find out what she wants each minute of each day. Piece of cake, right? And you have to bake that cake, because she doesn’t feel like it right now. What kind of cake? Huh? What flavor of frosting? Ah, now you’re learning.

A highly confident guy opens the Girl-Pleasing Handbook to Page 1 and start pleasing! He gets her roses, and chocolate, and some nice microbrew beer, some butterfly shrimp that he painstakingly spent nearly an hour preparing, and some perfume (Honey by Marc Jacobs). He will confidently knock on her door, whether it be her outside door or the bathroom door because she’s not fucking ready yet, and tell her he has something for her. He hands her the chocolate. He hands…

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  1. HAH!!! That was a funny read! “I thought you were gay?” Bwahahaha! Hey Dude, here’s a novel idea… just be your RAW self and save everyone a lot time and energy. If it works, BAAM. You’ve at least got a great friend. If not, fine… next… which always goes both ways, easily! No matter what, you’ve (hopefully) learned something, probably a whole lot — about YOURSELF for sure! Right? 😎

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