Crimson Honey

Another of Oldepunk’s to add to my collection of favorites.

RamJet Poetry


Cynical in silence slaps the twilight

problems dance like fireflies in wind

a rueful play on words

crashing into inner soul

a mellow vision simmers in the summer heat

impractical in its own way

reminiscent of mistakes drawn from the deck

clouded mind fumbling thoughts of despair

the love on the way-side; stays hidden

waiting blindly for an answer

languid with rigorous activity

disperse the dream into many days

castles crumble into ruined bones

crystal lake turned to stagnant pools

and shadow clings to it all

lapse into unconscious chatter

about what may have caused the downfall

of the doorways

fortitude found inside the woman of jade

crimson honey runs from the scar

tinsel martyr sings for the lion

futile exodus from hell

it surrounds you

some mountains are unconquerable

escape is the near-sighted jest

encapsulating all of your options

meditate on life and draw your own conclusion

I have…

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          1. Well, I feel like shit run over twice to be honest. Over a week’s worth of Fibro symptoms kicking my ass down. Otherwise, I am really fucking good! I’m going to be an aunt again. My sister’s shower is Sunday, and I had my daughter’s old rocking chair refinished for my new niece. I’m very excited. 🙂 How’s about you? Are you fucking fabulous?


          2. Do the symptoms just come and go or something? A new niece is exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll enjoy that.
            I’m fucking ok, I need more me time to get to fucking fabulous lol

            Liked by 1 person

          3. I have Fibro pretty severely, so I feel pain EVERY fucking day. This flare up is particularly debilitating. However, I can still type. I’ve had symptoms so severe, I couldn’t even grip a pencil. Humid weather, and cold weather both kick my ass. I hope you find that elusive talisman than creates more “me time.” 🙂


          4. Shhh… Don’t fucking tell everyone lol
            Seriously though, I don’t like people bring in pain. Least of all friends, it’s like I feel I should do something. ❤️

            Liked by 1 person

          5. I think it must be both. And yes, I am taking care of myself, thank you. I’m pretty fortunate, really. With my daughter grown, and my husband gone at work, I do have a lot of me time. And I need it.


          6. I’m finishing up my second novel. I’m aiming for a suspense genre, however I’m a literary writer by nature. This one involves murder, and a fucked up love triangle. It’s going to be badass.


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