Flamethrower Heart



I, girl-child


Mother fix me

In your image

Go for the kill

Words are systematic


Reassure you

Own my image

Go for the kill

I will be good

Words are systematic


Glitch in the program

I am fifteen, black as rage


Words are systematic

You lacked my level

And I grew tired

You reeled me back in

Words are systematic


I am good wife



Learned behavior

Thanks to you, Mom

Words are systematic

Fuck when he wants

Eat when he wants

Sleep when he wants

Cry when he wants

Run when he wants

Words are systematic


Daughter, just a babe

Speaks to me the loving truth

And I break my bonds

I break the circle

I break free

See my flamethrower heart

I am mother lioness

I am real LOVE

I am individual

I am woman

I am truth

See my flamethrower heart


*artwork titled “Steam Girl,” by Jeff Wall

77 thoughts on “Flamethrower Heart

  1. Great work! It felt like code, the pace, like instructions for a robot to carry out, but the summation and breaking the code or going autonomous (I’m rambling) was fantastic as you finally felt the depth of emotion. Really great!

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  2. I am so amazed by your indomitable spirit. I wish we had been closer when you needed a hand, I would have happily punched everything that hurt you. But my, look at what a warrior you became all on your own. So proud of you Kindra. This kind of writing may change the world.

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          1. I’m with you. You know, so many things about society boils my piss. I wonder sometimes if I really am a fucking genius and socially superior. I feel like shit would be better if people would ask me first. Like, before you shoot your mouth off, or make that decision, ask me first. And I’d probably pass out A LOT of helmets.

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          2. i will give you the best example: 6th Street in Austin was called The Loudest Street in the World. There was always loud live music all night long. It was so freakin awesome. When Texas’ tech boom started we began to have folks from Silicon Valley move in. “Hey how cool, let’s get apartments on 6 ST!” After a few months, “hey I can’t sleep with all this racket!” SO they complain so much to their bosses and the city council and the money people get involved and pass a noise ordinance on the LOUDEST STREET by the rating of Guiness Book of World Records that you voluntarily paid for real estate on to live!!! Fucking morons killed the party for everybody. And that was just the beginning


  3. Reblogged this on My Sword and Shield…. and commented:
    Anyone who has read my poetry knows I love to add a little sci-fi into it every now and then.
    Kindra has won my interest and my heart with this piece. I love it so much because of the powerful impact it has as well as the elements that I love to incorporate into my own work.

    Please visit her page and look at some of her other works! She’s a fantastic wordsmith with a beautiful and artistic way of expressing herself.

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  4. LOVE everything about this! The tone, the clipped power of the words, the image, the steampunk vibe. “Glitch in the program/
    I am fifteen, black as rage”
    OMG– I could have written that line. That is a truth etched on my soul.
    Brilliantly done.

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    1. I don’t speak about it much, but poetry, I’ve never felt is my strong suit. I approach poetry the way I do when I enter a room full of people I don’t know. I hold my head high and act like I’m confident. Every once in a while, there’s a party I feel I don’t fit in. This poem is longer than my usual ones, as I kept going with it, I thought I was losing control. But, I posted it anyway, and I’m glad I did. P.S. I wrote this because Jac Forsyth from The Perilous Reading Society is my friend, and in a comment to one of my other posts, she called me a flamethrower heart. 🙂


      1. Well, for what it’s worth, I think your a brilliant poet. I’m glad you posted this.

        When I write I usually let myself go until it feels done. Sometimes I edit the piece down, but just as often I leave the length alone. The poem usually knows how long it wants to be 🙂

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          1. Exactly! My biggest problem when I started writing poetry was stopping too soon & not letting the poem unfold naturally. My method is to write as much as possible and then edit, if I need to.

            An excellent example is ‘Thoughts, Dreams, and Reflections’ which I wrote for Allen Ginsberg. I didn’t set out to write a long poem (its 5 pages printed out), but as I was writing it didn’t feel “done” yet. It actually took me a few months to complete, but I could just feel that it needed to keep going.

            No, thank you for being my friend 🙂

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          2. Yes. And I believe it has to do with your heart. Your heart is not for sale. In the work you post that has to do with morals, or perspectives on life, you are steadfast, unwavering. I love the truth of you. Too many people are willing to play both sides. I have had the privilege to know a little about you personally. Enough to know you are honest. You don’t put on airs. So, in addition to liking you as a writer, I respect you as a human being. I have no doubt you write from your heart. That is courageous to me. And so, I admire you. And you amaze me, because you are a rarity.

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          3. Wow. I’m not even sure what to say, Kindra. As a person I just try and be the best person I can. As a writer I just try and be true to myself and my vision. I’ve never seen it as extraordinary myself. Thank you.

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  5. The pieces that we are uncertain about…are often our best ones. Because they’re the most raw and the most real. They come from the deepest places. Few have the courage to express them. Which is why you rarely see them, and why we’re apprehensive about how they’ll be received. Which also makes those pieces (and you!) that much more special and extraordinary. Mwah!! 😘😘❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

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  6. It really is powerful, Kindra. And it has a scifi steampunk feel to me….so I am WAY biased. It’s really good. I’ve made a note to reblog it when I get back to my desktop tomorrow.

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  7. I really loved the depth of emotions that you exhibited through your words. It’s sad how despite so much of sacrifice females are victimized so brutally by the society, thanks for raising your voice & expressing your thoughts in such a blissful way! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂

    Warm Regards,

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