33 thoughts on “Meet a Warrior: Introducing Kindra M. Austin

  1. I freaking loved this so damn much!!! This is great! And I LOVE blogging! I wish I could do it for a living!!!! Kindra, you are one of my favs and most of the time I read you on my breaks so I don’t always like your posts because I don’t have time to go on to the actually site but I do read!!!! Luv ya girlie😘

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      1. Nah, thank you Kindra! Awwww thank you that means a lot!!! Yeah I am because I’m tired of dealing fake af people, especially family!!! I just learned to say how I feel through words I write😂 I’ve always been able to do that. If I had been confronted over the phone I’ll jot down what to say and then read it Lol!! Thank you Kindra❤️ You are a great writer and oh so beautiful 😍💋

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  2. I’ve always loved reading about you, as much as I’ve loved reading your work. You know how much I love the real YOU.

    I’m so very proud to see you growing as a writer. I’ve been watching the progression for years. You’ve inspired me many times, even though you may not have realised that and I’ve been so privileged to work with you.

    “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

    You have the guts. I admire that so much in you.

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    1. I listen to a lot of instrumental/classical music when I write. Anything with lyrics will distract me and I’ll start singing along! Mozart, Mahler and Chopin are among my favorites to write to, but it does depend largely on my mood and what I’m writing. Sometimes Ravi Shankar’s sitar music too.. or more modern movie soundtrack composers like John Williams or others.. I have a huge collection of all kinds of music on my computer for any occasion 🙂

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