1. Holy macaroni and cheese!

    This is raw and vividly frightening in a good sense of the word.
    I picture this while watching the gif picture of this person trying to escape but can’t. Freaking love this one and my favorite of yours.

    I wonder sometimes what goes on in your mind? curious. 🙂

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        1. Absolutely right on. I am in a place in my life now where I am no longer willing to suffer for another’s comfort. Not saying like, I don’t think of my daughter, or my husband, or my close friends and family. I just mean that those who have unrealistic perceptions of me and the relationship I have with them are pretty much on their fucking own. I will not feed into anyone’s negative energy. I will not enable anyone’s delusions.

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          1. Exactly it. Whether it be family, close friends, or whatever the case may be. Should never picture these perceptions about you. Those people are bad energy who just want to get you upset and start something. Don’t let them bully you around. It seems like its a bully mental kind of trick manipulation. You will have none of it with these people.

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