Dep Tones

Sheldon gets it, folks.

Sheldon Kleeman

Two dudes with attitude

How well can you discern

Who is an asshole from

Who isn’t,3 out of 5 suffer

With this affliction and

It’s so deceptive it’s hard

To know until it’s too

Late,let’s not get this

Twisted everyone has

The ism,its that the ones

Who haven’t any filter are

The ones who you have

To be careful of,there

Aren’t any tell tail signs

The ism comes out when

It needs to,and retreats

When it’s necessary

So the next time the

ism hits you from behind


There are two kinds of

Assholes,the kind that

Have some self control

Or the ones who have

It hanging out for

Everyone to see

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7 thoughts on “Dep Tones

  1. Hey Kindra, I posted this comment on your friend ‘Sheldon’s’ poem.

    You’ve spoken many truths in this brilliant poem.

    Assholes their everywhere, here in L.A. there’s a whole bunch. I needed to read something this truthful today. Thank you my friend. 🙂

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