Four More Days to submit your Breath and Bones Writing Prompt Challenge Submissions!

An awesome prompt challenge! Let’s see those submissions, folks!

Brave & Reckless

The submissions I have already received for the Breath and Bones Writing Prompt Challenge are excellent but I am a little disappointed that I have only received nine pieces so far.  I think its a great prompt and hope that more of you will be inspired to participate.  Newbie and veteran writers are encouraged to submit.

Here are the guidelines:

Writing Prompt: “I Am More Than Breath and Bones” (evocative tagline of TrE at a cornered gurl)

  1. Using the writing prompt above, write a 100 to 800 word original, previously unpublished piece that integrates the writing prompt.  It can be poetry, prose, short fiction or even essay.  The prompt can be used as the title, you can use the phrase intact, or break it up however you want within the written piece.
  2. Pick out an image to go with your submission
  3. Write a brief biography (a sentence or two is really fine)
  4. Send…

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