Signs of (half) Life


Radio Silent,

and Brain Static–


(i cannot hear my)

Heart Beating,

(i cannot feel my)

Lungs Breathing

Half Dead

Electric Skin



Static Brain, and

 Silent Radio

24 thoughts on “Signs of (half) Life

  1. I hate it when that happens. Days on end with just static, and then you start trying to find patterns in the static and mapping out disparities in the frequency and volume, learning Morse Code and speculative extraterrestrial code systems. Only to realize your heads been on AM since Monday. And then you switch back to FM.

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  2. A metaphor of you being the radio.
    Imagine how humans would identify a silent radio and without music.
    The static of it is the music of all ears. The beating of the heart is the music of all that we are feeling.
    I hope I interpret this poem correct. I love it. 🙂

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